Let me show you how
I Shed 98 lbs. and
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I finally hit my goal using the secrets of hollywood celebrities, fitness models and bodybuilders, acheiving the body of my dreams!

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There's a formula used by trainers in the weight loss industry for extreme results. Celebrities use it to rapidly change their appearance for a movie, or just sustain a slim, fit and youthful appearance. It's the same proven formula fintess models and bodybuilders have been using for decades to rapidly lose weight before competition.

“There is no one-size fits all diet...”

The secret of body-type nutrition

It’s been used by Hollywood Celebrities, Fitness models & Pro Bodybuilders for decades. It’s how they radically lose up to 20 lbs in 7 days...




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how do you know what works for you?

Now a days it’s seems like diets are, as gaurded as, religion and politics. Vegans swear by their strategy, Ketotarians claim to be the fountain of youth and Paleo seems to land right in the middle somehere.

So which is the right solution for you?... Any of them could be!

Ok, sorry, I am not trying to confuse you any more than the industry has.

Here’s the breakdown:

Your body uses food for fuel in a specific way. Macro nutrients such as Fats,Carbs and Protiens are the tools to balance hormones to make your transformation effortless.

Ectomorphs are super lean, blessed with a fast metabolism, actually oxidize food very slowly. Which is why they can eat Carbohydrates in abundance and never gain weight. I know they suck right... But they are challenged when it comes to gaining muscle.

Mesomorphs fall in the middle which makes them the favored bodytype for the fitness marketing companies. Whatever they do they can achieve great results. They have a moderately fast metabolism and oxidize food at a medium pace. Which is why they can’t go to either extreme on fat or carbs.

Endomorphs have a slower metabolism, although they Oxidize food very quickly. When they eat carbs it quickly spikes blood sugar which signals Insulin, the fat storage hormone. They gain muscle very easily and find it difficult to lose weight.

Insulin, being the fat storage hormone, is the key factor in the macro nutrient ratio you need to focus on depending on your body-type.

Take the Body-type quiz to find out what your specific body-type is and recieve the exact nutrition and training plan for you!

take the free body-type quiz

Introducing Rasheed English

Why is Rasheed English the most qualified person to teach you the secrets to rapidly losing weight?

Rasheed began is professional career at the young age of 16, as a Pro BMX athlete. He grew to love competition and became a Pro MMA fighter in his late 20’s. If that was not enough he took on the toughest challenge in becoming an IFBB Pro bodybuilder in his 40’s. Out of 1% of the population even able to compete, only 1% of those elite athletes actually win a Pro card.

As an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Rasheed personally uses an off season bulking strategy to increase muscle. During this time he gains fat, as well as, muscle for greater anabolic effect. When it is time to compete, he sheds all of his excess fat in just a matter of weeks. In fact, fitness models, body builders and celebrities have been doing this for such a long time. They have perfected the art of shedding fat. They are the best in the world at it.

Just look. Check out A Few of his clients;

These amazing transformation show how much fat he sheds off his clients in a ridiculously short time before a photoshoot and bodybuilding competition!

Now, we understand you probably don’t want to look like a big, bulky bodybuilder...we don’t either. But you can take advantage of their fat-shredding secrets and apply them to your own weight loss...

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Introducing "Body Reform Secrets"

In this program you will discover the secrets that the world’s greatest fitness experts and bodybuilders use to shed massive amounts of FAT while preserving lean, sexy muscle.

These are guarded secrets that athletes and celebrity trainers generally keep to themselves.

You’ll know the exact foods to eat, and most importantly, AVOID, for maximum results. Stay tuned below to see how we make eating the right foods easy, fun and delicious.

Check out Malika Story on how she changed her life!

“For years I ate right and worked out and thought I was fit. I decided to take on a challenge to get me to the next level. After working with Rasheed I had no idea how much my body would change.

He understands how to hormonally change your body to make your body work for you and create a transformation I only dreamed of.”

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Does the Body Reform Secrets™ Program really work?

This program utilizes the latest scientific research on somatotypes and the macronutrient requirements necessary to help burn calories in the most efficient manner, leading to shedding fat, toning and/or gaining muscle (if you want). It’s designed by one of the world’s leading fitness experts, Rasheed English.

With Rasheed’s experience as a professional bodybuilder, in addition to having trained thousands of people, he knows how to get results.

When will I receive the Body Reform Secrets™ program?

You’ll never have to wait around for a package to arrive. Within seconds of placing your order, you’ll be able to access a complete customized program designed specifically for you.

How do I get the program? Will it work on a smartphone?

You can instantly access the Body Reform Secrets™ from your computer, tablet or mobile device for easy access.

Is it safe to share my credit card information on your website?

Your privacy and security are extremely important to us and we take all necessary measures to ensure both are always protected.

We guarantee that your transaction will be 100% secure and is strictly private.

Your credit card statement will indicate that your payment for the Body Reform Secrets™ program was processed by our partner, ClickBank.

all can benefit from the Body Reform Secrets™ program? Can it be used by anyone?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from the program. We understand that people of all ages and body types need to lose weight and transform their bodies. This program contains analysis, methods and techniques that can apply to anyone.

The information in Rasheed’s program is easy to understand and simple to follow. You’ll see results in no time at all.

We do need to advise that Rasheed’s program is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional.

What if I do everything, but it still doesn’t work for me –then what?

You are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee for a full 60 days. All you must do is follow instructions on the receipt emailed at the time of purchase and you will be refunded the full purchase price...no questions asked, which means you have absolutely ZERO RISK.

What if I have additional questions?

No Problem! We would love to assist you personally, just email us at support@bodyreformsecrets.com and we will be happy to assist with any additional questions you might have.

take the free body-type quiz

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take the free body-type quiz